premiere sept 2018, Niterói Municipal Theater - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil



Inspired by the tale “Sleeping Beauty”, the montage is choreographed by Alex Soares and brings to the world of contemporary dance a modern version of the classic story of the young princess, combining dance, video projection and theater.


“In Sleep Mode, we focus on breaking the story-driven script and keeping the fragments as a display for our own time,” says choreographer Alex Soares. “By releasing Aurora, Malévola, Prince, King and Queen from the original plot and structure, I invite the audience to see new stories and viewpoints for a multi-visceral presentation with striking physicality and imagery,” he says.

“Through a reworking of the classic and canonical work of Sleeping Beauty, I sought to explore the depth and scope of our most essential and basic emotions: love, envy, acceptance, rejection, and prejudice. Plaster thoughts and convictions that are 'asleep' waiting for a kiss, the wake-up kiss, ”says Alex.

Leo Zullu - 21_09_18 - Modo Sleep-CBCN (

Niterói City Ballet - Rio de Janeiro

pedro pires artistic direction

alex soares choreography, vídeo and sound design 
natalia lana set design 
su tonani costumes
paulo césar medeiros light design
fabiana nunes choreography assistant

piotr ilitch tchaikovsky
Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66 [1892]

dancers on stage: 14
length: 60 minutes