Give me back 2 hours - film

premiere december 2021

Nominee Premio APCA 2022 for best filmdance production  


The work of Mov_oLA Project, directed by choreographer and videomaker Alex Soares, continues a research to integrate dance to other formats, especially videol and digital languages. In Give me back 2 hours, the group proposes a piece based on the classic Rear Window (1954) by Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) translate to the present days.

Give me back 2 hours it's divided in three acts with intermissions for selfies. An application was created and developed for the show and also Google Cardboard VR are used in some scenes. The research for their development was done together with the research of the choreography so that they could expand the creative possibilities in the fusion of a smartphone application with an artistic dance piece.


It is with this portrait to our time that the piece seeks a dialogue with Hitchcock's movie: all scenes of Give me back 2 hours make us observers of a virtual window. Like in the film, we saw the characters, with different narratives an conditions in a panorama of their lives, alive.


Give me back 2 hours is played with live music performed by César Aranguibel, Costumes by Cassiano Grandi and set design by Wilson Aguiar.


Alex Soares


Direction Assistant

Paula Zonzini


Átila Freire, Ícaro Freire, Maria Basulto, Paula Sousa e Wilson Aguiar

Live Musician

César Aranguibel


Alex Soares

Light Design

Rossana Boccia

Sound design 

Alex Soares


“Future Kings” - Gogol Bordello, “Self” - Hildur Gudnadottir, “My heart’s in the highlands” - Arvo Pärt

Voice off

Alexandre Zullu

Stage Design 

Wilson Aguiar


Cassiano Grandi


Paula Sousa/ Filemon 7 Produção Ltda

Street Dance Classes

Eliseu Correa

Acting Classes

Luciana Canton


Beatriz Sano, Diego Oliveira, Dilênia Reis, Eduardo Fukushima, José Artur Campos, Manuela Aranguibel, Milan Herich, Milton Biscaro, Rafaela Sahyoun, Renan Martins, Sônia Mota


Clarissa Lambert

Media Manager

Flávia Fontes Oliveira

Social Media Marketing

Rafael Ventuna

app developer

Alex Soares


app Host



60min without intermission