'This piece was awesome,dynamic, industrial, technical, and had a very digital feeling to it.

The work done by the dancers on this piece really did knock my socks off.' -


Trace in Loss, NorthWest Dance Project - Sabrina Miller, Portland Stange Reviews



Based in Sao Paulo, Alex Soares has had a career as a dancer in his native Brazil with a range of contemporary dance companies, including São Paulo City Ballet (BCSP) and Balé Teatro Guaíra.


He performed works by renowned choreographers Ohad Naharin, Mauro Bigonzetti, Rami Levi, Gagik Ismailian, Itzik Galili, Angelin Preljocaj, Cayetano Soto, Oscar Araiz,Luis Arrieta,Henrique Rodovalho, among others.


As a choreographer and videomaker, Alex began creating in workshop settings for new choreographers at the São Paulo City Ballet, whilst still dancing. Always very interested in video and its many aspects, Alex also studied film-making, with the purpose of using this knowledge in his scenic productions and also in the creation of video dance.

His videodance For a lost moment (2009) received the best video award at the 2010 Minute Festival and the following year he was invited by Noord Nederlandse Dans, a company based in Groningen, Netherlands, to create the video dance Perishable.


A happy moment: the best piece of the evening is a work by Brazilian Choreographer, Alex Soares. Everything in WiiPrevisto, is the result o detailed research. Firstly, the lighting which penetrates space: a source of light in the backdrop illuminates the stage in a diagonal beam. Other beams of diagonal light crisscross the stage. The dancers are struck by this lighting arrangement. The sound track also opens a new world with dissonant sounds and the noise of panes of glass shattering into a thousand pieces. But above all it is the choreography, a mixture of force and fragility, that pleases. As an example a boy grabs a girl to lift her, but her port de bras has all the fragility of a 19th century sylph. The piece is a good sign of the healthiness of dance in Brazil.



WiiPrevisto, São Paulo City Ballet - Emmanuele Rugger, Ballet2000 Review


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In 2012, Alex was one of 16 finalists of the 26th Hannover International Choreography Competition, an event that annually brings together promising choreographers in Hannover, Germany. That same year he won the 4th Pretty Creatives International Choreography Competition, which made it possible to create Trace in Loss for the Northwest Dance Project, a company based in Portland, USA. In 2013 he created Link for Ribeirão Preto Cia de Dança, which won the Choreographic Creation Award of the Year for the Paulista Dance Cooperative.


Since 2010, Alex has directed his own artistic troupe, the Mov_oLA Project and in October 2018 he was appointed Artistic Director of a Jundiaí Youth Dance Company


As a guest choreographer, Alex has created works in Brazil for Balé Teatro Guaíra, Niterói City Ballet, Balé Teatro Castro Alves, Sesc Dance Company, Ribeirão Preto Dance Company, Amazonas Dance Company and São Paulo City Ballet.


Internationally, Alex has created for  Noord Nederländse Dans (Holland), Northwest Dance Project (USA), National Ballet of Chile and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (USA).


Upcoming creations include new works for Cisne Negro Dance CompanyBalé Teatro Guaíra and Mov_oLA Project. 

“With an interesting concept and content comes Abrupto from Alex Soares, who had his debut this year in São Paulo.

Individualizing people in a group and finding relationships and partnerships between solidification

and explosion of movements made this piece an impressive dance. ”


Abrupto., São Paulo City Ballet - Dietholf Zerweck, Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung




Finalist -  26th Hannover Choreography Competition - 2012

Winner Pretty Creatives International Competiton - NWDP - 2012

Denilto Gomes Award for Best Contemporary Work - LINK - ​2013

Winner Hubbard Street 2 National Choreographic Award - 2013 

Wiinner Jury FolhaSP - best dance production of the year (Mov_oLA Project - Devolve 2h) - 2016  

Winner Premio APCA - best dance production of the year (Mov_oLA Project - Devolve 2h)- 2016 

Finalist Premio Bravo! - best dance production of the year (Mov_oLA Project - Devolve 2h) - 2016

Winner Jury Premio Governador do Estado - best dance production for Devolve 2h and The Nuts Talent Show - 2016   

Winner Premio APCA - best dance production of the year (Mov_oLA Project - Oroboro ) - 2018 



For further information about the work of Alex Soares please contact

Assis Carreiro, MBE

International Arts & Cultural Projects


00 44 7879415882


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Northwest Dance Project/ EUA  *vencedor do 4th Pretty Creatives International Choreography Competition 

Coup de grace

Mov_oLA Project - finalist 26th International Choreography Competition / Hannover - Germany

Predicativo do Sujeito

Grupo Divinadança/Sao Paulo


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Noord Nederlandse Dans / Holland

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